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While fucking an annoying bitch doggy style really hard, slide your left arm under her left arm and establish a hard half nelson while running your right arm down past your cock, through her legs, and hooking her right thigh. As soon as she asks "WTF?" thrust your hips foward as hard as possible while forcing her face into the pillows and flattening her out on her stomach collegiate wrestling style. While remaing inside her, roll hard to the right with her. Roll as hard and fast as possible, slamming her face into the sheets as roughly as possible. Continue to roll until you cum or fall off the bed.
"Damn, Ashlee wouldnt shut the fuck up while we were doing it doggy style last night, so i flattened her ass out and gave her an Alligator Wrestler until she shut up!"
by duke nobles March 16, 2008

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