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The combination of a Blessing and a Lesson. A life experience that shows up as a challenge and then realized as both a lesson and a blessing
That challenge of Life was such a blesson!!
by dugsix May 30, 2010
The 3 main pillars of the Human Behavior Model. They consist of a humans Internal Representation, External Physiological Representation, and Linguistic Representation and Interpretation.
Notice this clients Behavioral Trinity, their body language, words and focus tell me that they are incongruent and need to be supported.
by dugsix January 19, 2012
The state of being both Personally Transformed and Enlightened or Awakened. Transformation and Enlightenment combined.
Translightened - past tense.
Translightening - Verb
Having attended countless personal and spiritual seminars and trainings I am now part of the Translightenment movement.
by dugsix May 07, 2011

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