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Longer than your typical weekend, a college weekend starts Thursday afternoon after class and ends Monday afternoon when you wake up from your Sunday Funday hangover. In extreme circumstances, a college weekend can even begin on Wednesday night if there are no papers/exams on Thursday or Friday.
Thursday 3:00pm - Dude 1 "let's hit up the liquor store on our way home from class crack some beers and Start this college weekend out the right way!"
Dude 2 "Hell yeah, let's get wasted before we decided where we're gonna go get wasted tonight, Thirsty Thursday!"

Wednesday night Dude 1 - "Hey man do you have any tests or papers due tomorrow or friday?"
dude 2 "nope, what are you thinkin?"
dude 1 "let's hit the liquor store, pick up a 30 and a bottle, and start a good old extended college weekend!
dude 2 "Fuck yeah!"
by drunken college student October 10, 2008

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