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1. An event where a man trims his chest hair and sprinkles it on top of a chopped salad that has 1000 Island dressing.
2. A rare event when a woman carefully saves up her chest hair and trims them. She then sprinkles them on top of a chopped salad that has been pre mixed with 1000 Island dressing.
Bill: last nights chiprucca with the guys went pheonomally well. Im was stoked to see Jessica there.
Ryan: Ya Bill, what a chiprucca for the ages.

I bet David likes her for the chiprucca she can provide.
by drinkyt May 24, 2013
(V.) The act of removing the back of the toilet and releasing their bowels in the reservoir. Done mostly as a prank or revenge. The aim is to create a terrible smell. Clean or not the bathroom will remain un aired out with a bouquet of feces.
Handyman: You got pooplanked
Lonnie: It's been 3 days and it still smells like doo doo in here.
Handyman: Somebody pooped in the back of your crapper.
Lonnie: Someone doo doo'd in the back?
Handyman: It's called pooplanking.
by Drinkyt August 19, 2013

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