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n. A historically diverse community located east of Piedmont Ave. and Downtown Atlanta. It is one of the oldest sections of the city, having been built in the 1890s. The main thoroughfare in today's Old Fourth Ward is Boulevard, which was the site of economic decline throughout the 1950s-1980s, and now consists mostly of section 8 housing. The area is still infamous for its drug dealers, prostitution, and other crime. Rumor has it, however, that the city has been making efforts to clean up the neighborhood and restore it to its original state.
New Yorker: I just got a new job in Atlanta, so I'm moving to the Old Fourth Ward!

Friend: Oh, you're moving to the projects! Have fun.
by DireClown June 15, 2011
n. Popular nickname for all the idiotic, moronic, creepy (and/or funny) status messages people post on Facebook on a day-to-day basis. So prevalent that an entire section of FAIL Blog has been dedicated to it.
Facebook user: Today I figured out that I'm gay...so im telling you all, just cuz i had to tell sumbody 1st! just don't tell my mom, K?

Facebook user's "friend": I am so posting that on Failbook.

Facebook user: don't you fucking dare!
by DireClown June 29, 2011
The dark web, often confused with the deep web, is a small part of the deep web that is intentionally hidden and is inaccessible by standard web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and internet explorer.

It's here that you can easily find things like narcotics, child porn, stolen credit cards, and other illegal goods. Most of the transactions that take place in the dark web are done with bitcoin and other crypto-currency.
Wow, I just went on the dark web, and in a few minutes, I was able to find heroin, meth, LSD, automatic weapons, and a stolen credit card!
by DireClown November 13, 2015
n. A 1%er motorcycle gang and organized crime syndicate whose headquarters is located in SoCal, originally formed in 1969 by Hispanic Vietnam War veterans who had been denied entry into Hell's Angels due to their race. They are notorious for some of their criminal activity, including drug dealing (esp. methamphetamine), money laundering, robbery, extortion, illegal possession of firearms, and murder. Ask anyone who knows motorcycle gangs well, and they will probably tell you that the Mongols are one of the most notorious and badass motorcycle gangs in the world.
Biker Dude: I'm gonna get initiated into the Mongols, cuz I'm a badass motherfucker.
Friend: I'd like to see you try!
by DireClown July 15, 2011
IAMX is the solo project of Chris Corner, formerly of the Sneaker Pimps. His musical style is influenced by 1980's electro, but has evolved over several albums. Due to his musical talent, eccentric fashion style, and introspective lyrics, Corner has developed quite a devoted fan base. When performing live, Corner has a band consisting of Janine Gezang on keyboards/synths, vocals, and bass, Alberto Álvarez on guitars, vocals, drums and bass, and a drum machine named MAX.
Male IAMX fan: Hey, I've got two tickets to see IAMX tonight at the Nordstern Festival! Wanna come?

Female IAMX fan: Yessss! SQUEEEEE!
by DireClown June 23, 2011
n. One who frequently (if not always) walks around barefoot in public. He or she takes pride in this fact, and is not ashamed of having dirty feet. The person may, in fact, have been kicked out of stores, restaurants, and other public places due to his or her bare feet, and likes to flaunt it. There are some advantages to this lifestyle, however: according to some research, it keeps your feet healthier. Quite a few Facebook groups and websites have been dedicated to this lifestyle, indicating its popularity. Not recommended for certain urban areas!
Alex (to woman): Hey, are you a barefooter too?

Woman: Yes I am! Let's walk barefoot through Wal-Mart and see if they kick us out!
by DireClown June 18, 2011
The village of Hempstead on Long Island. It is one of the few neighborhoods on Long Island with a black and Latino majority, and borders the towns of Uniondale and Garden City (which is the complete opposite in terms of economic status).

Hempstead is where Hofstra University is located. Famously the birthplace of Prodigy from Mobb Deep.
Rich guy: Hey, I have to drive through Hempstead tonight in my Corvette. Wanna come?

Friend: Not unless you got an army with you.
by DireClown May 10, 2011
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