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Verb: to masturbate (preferably to pornography) with a huge wad of smokeless tobacco in your mouth...the spitter must be within reach to grab with your left hand to spit while youre still wanking...makes the masturbation sesh more relaxing and pleasurable
dude after school im goin to the 7-11 to get a tin of copenhagen, then im going home and having a beat and chaw before my parents get home...last time i did it my dick was throbbing and i shot my load 6 feet! too bad i spilled my spitter afterwards
#masturbate #smokeless tobacco #skoal #jerk off #cumshot
by dipfuck bigballs September 13, 2008
to take a huge hard dump with a huge bomb of smokeless tobacco in to ease the pain
dude i ate like 10 slices of bread last night when i had the munchies, im gonna have to chuck in a nice lip of grizzly wintergreen and take a dipshit
#grizzly #dump #load #chaw #chewing tobacco
by dipfuck bigballs September 13, 2008
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