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There are many types of teachers:

1. Good: Straight, Smart and Fun, Not Hurting Students in Any Way, Helps Greatly!!!

2. Okay

3. Bad: Ones that treat you POORLY, ones that looks like crap, ones that stare at you and then look away, "pen--" heads, Ones that tell you to be quiet for no reason, Ones that put you somewhere else for no reason especially detentions, Ones that hate you for no good reason, Idiots that are very gay, racist, a-holes, not fun, very hard workers that get pisses, dictators, ones that want to shock you like a Goblin-Witch!!!

Students may have mostly bad teachers in their whole life, OTHERS THINK ABOUT TAKING OVER SCHOOL SO THEY WON'T DIE AND ESTABLISHING A RULE AGAINST BAD TEACHERS and I MEAN WHEN THEY GROW OLDER, others may not care, and others have the best teachers, and and others think ABOUT going Ninja-Style and Get Every TEACHER POSSIBLE that is bad, and others want to go to the best place in the world and have a very good time...
Did I mention that some teachers heads get wet from their head when they're very pissed and they have to clean off they're heads.

And some teachers can eat a whole horse, literally, and act like dictators. And some students might hunt them down like a Native American to a buffalo when they grow up!
by df gh December 01, 2009
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