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Try it. No human can correctly pronounce the word, "texts" , it usually comes out as "texs".
"I have sent you several textings about your grandmother has fallen and can't get up".
by Destry West July 01, 2011
You say something and the complete opposite happens immediately. An opposite coincidence.
"I like to be safe and clear the gun", BOOM. "hey, an oppcident, i'll get a towel".
by Destry West June 28, 2011
Walk into a room and think "what the fuck did i come in here for"
Shit, whatifor. Now I gotta go back to where i was to remember.
by Destry West June 28, 2011
a kid on a laptop, ipod in ears, in front of a tv on, and texting on the phone.
"I'm not here right now, it's an eFLOOD".
by Destry West June 28, 2011
transforms unsorted, unwashed waste plastic into ultra-clean, ultra-low sulphur fuel without the need for refinement.
by DESTRY WEST February 05, 2012
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