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Abbreviation for C U Next Tuesday(/or Thursday)
(See You Next Tuesday/Thursday)
*thanks for the lovely weekend. C.U.N.T
*no problem mate, same to you.
by demaster69 September 03, 2011
the art, and sport that involves making someone else (the spinnie) to be caused to turn around and look for who may have called them.

widely practiced in depots formally known as ABRO across the UK but mainly in Telford, Shropshire UK.
the highest most respected spin known to man is a 360 spin. meaning that the person has literally looked all the way around for someone who may have called them.

it is mearly a bit of fun that passes the day with amusement.
if you're not spinning, your not working hard enough!!!
classic examples of spinning;
"is this yours!"
"excuse me! is...!"

or anything else that may get the attention of the person you are trying to spin.
other name related spins are applicable. i.e.
"mark!!!" (as mark turns around, turn to your buddy on the opposite side and start having a conversation) "...my words it is going to rain tonight!"
by demaster69 September 05, 2011
PPFC Syndrome. short for Post PF Chang's Syndrome. the after effects of eating at one of said companies chain restaurant's. usually consisting of abdominal cramps and resulting in toilet trips that produce stools weighing on average 5 curex.
excuse me while i dash to the toilet. i'm suffering from PPFC Syndrome after yesterdays meal, as awesome as it was at the time...
by demaster69 February 02, 2011
your about to ask a friend/ family member how their day was. but you are actually unsure if they go to collage, or school. so you merge the words together in the hope that it may sound like one of the 2 words. So therefore you don't end up looking any more of a complete and utter idiot that you already are.
How was your day at schoollage?
its collage actually! Was alright thanks!
by demaster69 September 27, 2010
like "go for it", only its for stuations where you have to do litteraly nothing to achieve your target.
guy one-"I have decided, im going to go for the permanent job position."
guy two- "stay for it mate!! i'm outa here!!"
by demaster69 January 29, 2011
clothing used for females of the muslim religion. it allows them to go swimming whilst providing sufficient cover that a burker provides.
see that lady swimmimg over there?? she is wearing one of those new burkerinis so
by demaster69 December 26, 2010
a portable toilet. this type though is usually found in countries where maximum daytime temperature exceeds 50 Degrees Celsius!!! I.E Kuwait. you sit there dripping with sweat, and suffocating in the hot felicities smelling air. one of the least pleasant experiences on the planet. but totally unavoidable if you are suffering with illnesses such as the "Kuwaiti Crud"
oh no, i think its going to have to be thunderbox time again!!! wish me luck...
by demaster69 August 14, 2011

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