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one of the most kick ass bands there ever was. they got here just in time rite before all these gay ass pop punk bands started poppin up. their first 4 cd's were better than american idiot but their still awesome their just not as awesome.
Chris:"green day sucks"
Billie Joe:*gets up and kicks chris's ass*
by ded boy March 28, 2005
somebody who listens to punk rock and disrespects athority. people who dont wear this hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie bullshit. they wear the good stuff i mean dickies, converse, studded belts, and all that good stuffs. People that know the real punk rock bands like "The Ramones" (RIP joey ramone), dead kennedys, meatloaf,etc. people who think all these rappers and pop stars need to burn in hell.
he is so punk rock

Punk:dead kennedys
poser:avril lavigne (or however u spell her name)
by ded boy March 28, 2005
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