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4 definitions by darkmithras

The act of being a total pillock. Seems that only English people have heard of this but it did seem to need a mention. One day will probably be an art form.
Mike, don't balance your pint on your head, its total pillockory
by DarkMithras July 03, 2009
Sometimes a person is such a pillock that the whole word doesn't need to be spoken in full; such pillockory warrants only the three letter variety.
More embarasing and subtle than the longer version.
Bloke - "wahey, I've had a half pint of Kaliber and I'm dancing around around bollock naked"
Mate - "Don't be a pil"

Bloke - pulls out the blue bag from the salt & shake "Look! I've won something"
Mate "bloody pil"
by DarkMithras May 03, 2011
One step more insulting than the british use of diddums. When somebody isn't just looking for sympathy but has headed into drama queen behavior about the issue and appears to be looking for a knight in shining armour to solve it for them. Generally used against males.
"I haven't got my door key, it's wet outside, how am I going to get in?"

"Aww, pwincess. Just knock and your mum will wake up and let you in again."
by darkmithras April 06, 2010
When you moon someone and reveal your twig and berries through your legs as you bend over.

A moony and sunny and the same time.
Warwick mooned over the balcony at the girls...I gave a solar eclipse.
by DarkMithras August 02, 2009