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Anais are usually have gingery/brown and are secretly ugly, but hide it. They're personality is ugly too. They love attention, because they are generally attention seekers, and turn every story around, too start talking about there-self. There bestfriends, are better than her, but she feels like she's always the best.
She take's too heart what people say, and give's out alot of shit. They usually turn out lesbians, because anais hate boys. They weren't always like that though,because in earlier stage's in life,they are bisexuals but just turn out pure lesbians.
They are mean people, and bitch about everyone going!
person 1: ew, who's that? She's really mean!
person 2: oh her? I agree, shes an anais!
person 1: omg, every likely
person 2: yup..
by dancela December 02, 2011

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