3 definitions by dan vegas

Hilarious and perverted character on the family guy, uses the phrases "Alll Right" and "Giggidy-giggidy-giggidy."
Bill Clinton is such a quagmire.

Quagmire- How old are you?
Girl- 16.
Quagmire- 18? You're gonna be first.
Girl- Mom!
Quagmire- I like where this is going, giggidy-giggidy-giggidy!
by dan vegas June 23, 2004
Cartoon monkey that plays guitar in a band with a stoner penguin and religous bagel.
Guitar Pete is the greatest cartoon monkey who plays guitar with a bagel and penguin ever!
by dan vegas March 03, 2004
To grab a cat by the tail and beat it against a wall over and over again until your anger is relieved, or the cat is unconcious.
He smeaffed the cat.
by dan vegas March 11, 2004

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