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Rehac is a slang word for a popular school kid. The origin is Irish.
Pronounced: Ray-hack
person #1: Hey, did you hear about that new kid Dan?
person #2: Yeah, he's so Rehac.
by dan el hombre June 22, 2009
A water park which is located in canada. Great Wolf Lodge is a terrific place to spend time if your a child or adult.
Nick: wanna go to great wolf lodge.?
Dan: Yeah, i love the water rides.
by dan el hombre June 23, 2009
Say dicky normous five times fast. Dicky normous is a fictional name that may sound realistic but when pronounced sound likes "dick enormous."
Dan: Hey, say Dicky Normous.
Nick: Why don't you say Mike Hawk.
Dan: haha, I.C. PNS.
by dan el hombre June 23, 2009
The act of texting answers or asking questions during a test, or a quiz. quiz+text=quiext
Dan: Yo, nick what's number 3.?
Nick: I don't know, i don't want to get into trouble. I never quiext.
by dan el hombre June 23, 2009
A french slang word, which means to mess around or goof off during school. Also, a name of a teacher.
Pronounced: gauth-e-ay
dan: hey, let's go mess around and gauthier.
nick: in mrs. gauthier's room.?
dan: yeah.
by dan el hombre June 20, 2009
The biggest gentleman's club in the world. This is built on 7 acres of land. This club is referenced on the popular Television show "MANswers."
I think i'm going to the sapphire gentleman's club.
by dan el hombre June 28, 2009
The act of "chewing," or "munching" on a man's penis during the act or oral intercourse.
Brandon: Dude, my girl and i were having oral last night.
Dan: How did that go.?
Brandon: It was good until she started boner chewing.
by dan el hombre June 29, 2009

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