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1 definition by curse you pikeys

Townies are primitive, deprived fucking gay lords, often hanging around in a large group, using their own language. Passers-by suffer abuse in this language (they know it is abuse because of the more arrogant way the main townie talks and his body language eg. a shagging movement). No one really understands/gives a shit if they're 'starting' cuz no one can really blame them. The females are usually pregnant by the time they're twelve and the guys are often dead by the time they're 30 because of all the fags and booze they drink. Therefore definiton of a townie: loada bollocks.
Townie: Yeh you like well FIT bitch! Do m'fava and gimme soma'that! *shagging movement*
Normal person: My bfs over there :|
Townie: Yo like startin' on me bitch? wanna see what i got do ya? i is bling n dont need no trouble from ya aite?
Normal person: you're an unsophisticated grotesque interlocuting pontificial unsentient fuckwit.
Townie: ....................yo starting on me bitch?
by curse you pikeys July 05, 2004