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A mans worse rival and enemy. A living vibrator !!! It connects well with the emotional side of a women cause it listens to her stories and gives her excessive compliments after it does its job.An abomination that needs to be destroyed !! As long as it lives it will continue stealing the women in our lives !!!
Girl: hey i don't need you and your annoying bad habits.I can have all i want with my new vibrator boyfriend.i can DO whenever i want and i don't have to ask for it.

Guy:I gave you my heart and soul and this is what you choose over me ???

Girl:how about we just be friends.This talking dildo (vibrator boyfriend) can do anything that you can do plus it wont hurt my feelings for stupid reasons and it is compact and can be carried anywhere

Guy : You bitch !!!!
by Cupcke27 November 09, 2010
the ultimate form of sexual climax that gives a mortal an explosive similar to a sexual eruption feeling that releases all the rapture, sensual flow of love, tender and romantic feelings and fiery passion hidden deep beneath the layers of the soul in a single go. The true meaning of life. Tight grip of flaming and rapturous love within your pulsating heart.The feeling of being embraced in muscular arms and loved The connecting of two people's souls through two people's bodies, as one. When there is no stronger way to express your love than sexual intimacy. Wanting to please each other, make the other happy, share everything, be as close as humanly possible. That is the true meaning of a Dayagasm
Girl:Oh god ! i am so wet and hot after he gave me that Dayagasm!! I love him so much i don't think i can ever leave him.Shortly after that we huddled and he kissed me passionately and whispered i love you in my ears.Real sweet and tender cupcake he is indeed !
by Cupcke27 November 07, 2010
A name given to a girl born under the daylight star. She is beautiful and amazing in all ways possible to a man be it beauty on the outer skin or beauty deeper than her soul within. If you look in her loving eyes you will fall in love looking at the radiating beauty of eye of heaven touching the sea of her soul. Some call it a gift but I call it a glimpse of paradise. An enticing smile that can lunch a 1000 ships and a heart so pure and sweet she can melt the coldest of hearts to the ground. She will ignite the fiery passion to love in your heart with her Victorian aura. She is kind, sweet ,loving and helpful .She will help you get back on the ground after you are shattered. Some say she is an angel in disguise as she has the gift to bring heaven on earth to the lives of many (especially a very special cupcake).Yes I have met this angel and I fell in love with her personality and heart and I still am in love with all my heart. I just pray that she will accept me for who I am.
Wow, she is a real Nhan !! Hard to find fine and loving women like that in this era.
by Cupcke27 November 07, 2010
A word that takes awesomeness to a whole new level.Usually used when something extremely amazing happens,something extremely pleasant.A word similar to uber coolness.The ultimate form of awesomeness !!!
Eg :Holy fuck ,you just discovered a cure to cancer!!!.That is some awesome shit man.

Eg:OMG, how on earth did you take down all those people without getting a scratch.That was some awesome shit moves you just performed dude
by Cupcke27 November 07, 2010
1. A name given to a man born under the midnight glimmer. A name that will shake all four corners of the earth with the fiery passion of love as the name marks the most passionate of lovers. A name given to the kind of guy any girl could fall in love with. Trustworthy, charming, confident, faithful, sweet, funny, kind hearted, romantic and passionate. Can be an immature idiot and childish but can always make people laugh when you least expect it . He can be a dick by annoying you and moments later have you smiling. There's just no way you can hate Daya ! Amazing strength and gorgeous moonlit eyes. He is taken by a girl he loves very much and wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world. He's always there in your heart. Just freaking AWESOME and AMAZING.

2. A man that contains a giant anaconda like penis in his pants. He is fucking awesome in everything.Don't ever pick a fight with him as he will drive his fist through your chest and rip your lips and use it to kiss his ass. He will beat the living daylights out of you and make you believe that your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory if you ever mess with the ones he loves.
Daya once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now just The Islands.

girl 1: hey whats up?

girl 2: -drools-

girl 1: why are you drooling?

girl 2: -points at Daya-

girl 1: -drools-

girl 3: He is just so dreamy and
by Cupcke27 October 01, 2011
Another word for the moon.Usually used in poems as a means to articulate feelings of intoxicating romance in a scenery.Also known as the 'eye of romance' and the 'glow of compassion'.
the midnight glimmer was high above our heads as we kissed passionately with rapture.
by Cupcke27 November 09, 2010
1. A cooler way of saying assassin .Best when pronounced with an Italian accent,like in Assassin's Creed 2.

2. A person whose assignment is to kill. Typically, the person is paid to do the job well.A ninja, hit man, mercenary or a contract killer of any kind is an assassin or assassino

3. Altair of Assassin's Creed

4. Someone who can camouflage and adapt well to various environments in order to avoid being detected until can assassinate their target and escape silently without a trace of evidence.

5. Solid snake from MGS
Assassino :Time to meet thy maker mortal *slices the targets neck*

Commoner: assassino, assassino, assassino !

Guard1 :Holy titty fuck, a mother fucking assasino.Guards kill him !!!!
by Cupcke27 September 26, 2011

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