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Possibly one of the shittiest states in the United States. Yes. It is in the United States for you ignorant bitches. No. People dont ride camels or live in teepees. It is an ugly wasteland of a desert and people just pretend to appreciate its "natural beauty", which is really just another way of saying goddamn we live in a fucking shithole, what the fuck is out here besides dirt and cactus.
Watch "Breaking Bad", and you will know what i am talking about.

Albuquerque happens to be the biggest breeding ground of all stupidity in the state, with the ridiculous suburb of Rio Rancho. Public education sucks, and is taught by demeaning ignorant bastards. People cannot drive. There are always drunk Natives walking the streets. People wonder why we have such a big drug problem? Well maybe if you arrogant pricks gave the youth of New Mexico somewhere to hang out and do something productive, we wouldnt find our youth consumed with addictions and stupidity. Teen pregnancy happens to be one of the highest rates, and the mothers tend to be teenagers who were probably dropped on their heads as babies. The population consists of mostly people of Hispanic descent, Caucasians, and Natives. You meet a couple types of Hispanic stereotypes, some are very family oriented, with high goals, and traditional values, while the rest make the US hate the Mexicans for hopping the border, as they are uneducated, use the welfare system, breed like rabbits, wear their pants below their buttocks, and draw on their goddamn eyebrows with sharpies. They create needless crime with their stupid gangs and ignorance. The Caucasians tend to either be incredibly wealthy and stuck up, or the biggest fucking hicks you will ever meet, probably inbred and mutated by all the nuclear waste in the ground. Meth is a huge problem here. The Natives are either very smart or uber alchoholics.

There is a huge education gap here with the people, there are the very well educated who work in the labs, creating weapons to destroy the planet. While the majority of people here are complete idiots.

Don't come to New Mexico.
Hey, New Mexico is that shithole state that oversaw the Manhattan Project.
by cuntbitchshitfuck October 28, 2008

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