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U.S. Democrat presidential candidate Barak Obama who is partly African-American and has virtually no career history in politics. White voters like him because he is non-threatening and supporting an African-American for president assuages guilt over slavery, segregation and other racist policies of the past. Black civil-rights activists claim he isn't "black enough."
"Barak the Magic Negro lives in D.C.
the L.A. Times called him that
'cause he's black but not authentically..."
by cultureG33K March 21, 2007
basically synonymous with most other phrases fitting the pattern of "whatever __ your __," such as whatever floats your boat
can I substitute cheese grits for hash browns?

sure, whatever butters your biscuit.
by cultureG33K July 10, 2007
me: What do you feel like doing today?
friend: Anything man, whatever pickles your gherkin.
by cultureG33K July 11, 2007

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