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An African American male who makes a baby, won't support it, and then blames everyone else for his problems.

(combining crybaby + babydaddy)
Like about 70% of black children, little Toyletta Boles grew up without a crybabydaddy.
by crimeape January 09, 2010
The time that elapses when the police asks a suspect a simple question, such as "what is your last name?"
LaVoris had a case of fiblag when the officer axed him what he was doing in the used car lot with a lug wrench at 3am.
by crimeape December 26, 2009
The negative aspect of being a Negro
Little Prilosec was already showing signs of true Nigrancy, having been first arrested at age 8.
by crimeape December 26, 2009
A homeless African-American, especially a drunk one.

(combining the words Negro + vagrant)
All dose Nigrants downtown be wantin' is fiddy cents to buy malt liquor.
by crimeape January 09, 2010

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