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Well, its a beautiful place in arizona. Very rich and has nice restaurants along with some wanna be new york city clubs (NYC 4 life!). The people here are mixed. Half of the white boys slang coke and weed and are going nowhere in life but to spend their parents' fortunes. the other half are actually good people but you can't score good weed off em because they are not those type of people. women are either very nice and ugly, very nice and very hot, very hot and bitchy and very bitchy and very ugly, but they all have money (for the most part). this is the place where a lot of wanna be rich girls go to to pick up real rich guys. a lot of white trash that dresses up to the club from cities like peoria, glendale, phoenix, tempe, etc. and pretend their rich. basically the place is FAKE as hell if you will. on the brighter side, there are a lot of nice peole here as well. very educated, rich and knowledgable individuals that i've encountered along the way. you just have to be here to see it. the police department is the worst ever. i hate scottsdale pd worse than i hate NYPD. they are scumbags.
dude1: yo wanna go to scottsdale and pick up some coke sluts?
dude2: fuck yeah, lets roll!!
by crazy russki September 18, 2007

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