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A Salmon Gram is similar to an old fashion telegram, or a flower delivery to a person or business, but the flowers are replaced with a whole salmon fish (head and tail). A delivery man responds with a long stem rose box complete with a bow. As the receiver of the Salmon Gram eagerly and excitedly awaits his or her message, the delivery man takes out the Salmon and beats the receiver over the head and face repeatedly, then exits in a calm fashion.
I hate that dumb broad, if she doesn't watch out, she is gonna get a "Salmon Gram."

If that dumb broad try's to tell me how to do my job one more time, she is gonna get a "Salmon Gram" to the dome piece!
#salmon #fish #delivery #gram #beat
by cougarTom March 03, 2011
A Japanese Subway refers to anybody who get's extremely close to you in a public place, resulting in them jacking you off to ejaculation without pulling down your shorts or trousers. Purely by rubbing against you.
This scenario could make people feel very uncomfortable, similar to the experience of riding in a Japanese Subway packed with people beyond reasonable occupancy.
To others, A Japanese Subway could make or break your day.
"Hey bro, why are you standing so close to me? Are you trying to give me a Japanese Subway?"

"Listen here sir, Japanese Subway's to come cheap. NOW PAY UP!"

If one more person, Japanese Subway's all over me, I'm gonna go F'ing crazy!
#japanese #subway #ejaculation #jacking #rubbing #close
by cougarTom March 03, 2011
The sexual reference of SOS stands for "Shit on shingles". When you "SOS" someone , you get naked and take a shit on their chest , cover it with country gravy , then eat it.
"Man , this girl is so kinky , she wants me to give her some SOS."

"I know I barely met you, but Im ready for some SOS."
#shit on shingles #sauce #gravy #breakfast #dirty
by CougarTom July 31, 2013
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