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To smoke some mary-jane.
Don: Lets toke up tonight, ok?
Larry: Nah man, it's my moms birthday. Tomorrow?
by cosmoplitan November 10, 2006
Wanting to fuck someone because you're wicked mad at them. Can also be used as revenge, in a non-rape sort of a way.
Kevin spent all his free time with this chick and still she did not put out. Now he's just looking for the anger bang. After that, he'll split.
by cosmoplitan November 10, 2006
Something that is super extra awesome. This awesomeness even goes beyond gnarly. Both silly and sick are adjectives in this phrase, so you know it means buisness.
Davone: that tre flip you did was silly sick!
Charlie: I know man, i've been trying for weeks.
by cosmoplitan November 10, 2006
To use the sharp end of a hockey stick to whack someone in the shins during a hockey game. It fucking hurts.
Mark: Shit man, that hurt. Ref, he hacked me!
Ref: I didn't see it, keep playing.
Mark: What the hell?! Thats a foul! I don't need this, I'm outie.
by cosmoplitan November 08, 2006
1.A penis that is wider than it is long. If this type of penis were to have any length at all, it would somewhat resemble a dinner plate or a tree stump. If not, it is little more than a nub.

2.This also applies to people that are wider than they are tall.
1. Eric: Dude, is that a dinner plate in your pants?
Carl: No man, that's just my choad.
Eric: Oh.

2. Michal: Jeeze Meagan's an asshole!
Eve: I know dude, she's a total choad.
Michal: Wow. You are so right.
by cosmoplitan November 08, 2006
When you see someone in profile and you think that he/she is attractive, but then they face you and you realize that they're in fact, a total beast.
Dean: Oh my god, did you see that hott chick?
Todd: That's what I thought too, until I saw her from the front. Then I was scarred for life, she was a total sidewinder.
by cosmoplitan November 25, 2006
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