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cool kid is a new fashion or trend like scene kids they wear screen tees, skinny legs, lots of buckle jewerly, chokers, they hair are usally layer with lots of different random hot or bright colors like purple, red, neon blue, or hot pink. they go to lots of concerts and hangout at new opening party spots... cool kids usally join new opening spots that usally going to become big such as glogster or ourspace. but still can become popular from bebo, myspace, or facebook. they usally start around the ages of 13 to 23. they also must wear .lots of eye shadow for girls. and alots of piercing for guys .eyebrow,nose,snake bites , etc. . cool kids also use words like normal kids and scene kids self for they usally make they own word or uses a word from scratch like lmao .laugh my ass off. to lmno .laugh mi nipple off. they are also pretty hard core and new to the generation you can be any race really .. also must love music.. NEEDED TO BE A COOL KID vv
ourspace or glogster

cellphone .free texting


skinny legs

least one or more piercing


lots of screen tees

favorite cartoon charcter jacket

chucks.any color or customize with favorite charcter or friend names or bunch of words cool kids are usally like
a. dude did u get that text
b.yeaaaaa mannn i c hot guys
a. yeaa letss go we can steal a car ha.
b.thats a plan you bring da knife ill bring da weed

imitation to ( not a cool kid)

a.hey are you going
b.we can take my car
a.ok let me go get the keys
by cook kids September 11, 2009

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