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kurd stands for the primate familia in general in the ancient language of arabic dictionaries and still remains the same as of today.Arabic language being as old as nearly human civilizations history ( even the word urban comes from arabic meaning a city dwelling for the people living comunal life)..They never really adopted any religions after prophet moses ruled in their land in his reign and gave them 7 rights as was given to other nations live under hebrew ruling since Prophet Noah. These rights given to them still today outweights whatever the state law they live under even islamic rules from Koran is not held more important that these mosaic law that came from torah and this law called the töre as synynom of torah..their language is one of the most primitive and then again the most intricate but still very straight-forward and very much short and to the point.Theirs would be a very very critical and adventurous one for the region and for the world at large..keep an eye !!
In the middle of the earth theres a nation that never really believed in civilisation fake concepts as state and religion and lived as the 6 million year tradition of the walking and talking primate and they are the kurd..
by cockgag September 08, 2011
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