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small town about 5 miles northwest of philadelphia
possibly the greatest place to live under any circumstances...
bored? i am positive someone has a party going on, or go down to keswick village some one is always there, its a walk away from anywhere in glenside. theres tons of great people here, everyone knows everyone, and theres always someone new in the nieghborhood. if u wanna see football, hockey, baseball or basketball game south philly is about 25 mins away. i love glenside and everything about it. LUKES OWNED AND OPERATED.
Outsider: Soo, whats there to do here in glenside?
Glensidian: Are you kidding?
Outsider: No
Glensidian: Wow, you dont belong here. Leave now and never come back!
by chris manero August 27, 2006
philly in the east
pittsburgh in the west
hick country u.s.a in the middle
if i didnt live in philly, i think id die anywhere else in pennsylvania
by chris manero August 19, 2006
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