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6 definitions by chris hogg

right lets get this straight, because not all north easterners are geordies...

newcastle, geordie... "alreet meert am off doon tha pub leek"

sunderland, mackem... "that grin grursahs the evulist blurk in ahllah sundahlund, what with his shap by tha curst in rurkah n ahl tha"

middlesboro/hartlepool, smoggie... "arite mate, lark mah perple shert? ive had it for therty yers"

darlington, darloid... "eyah meerte, cun lenz twenny pey could yer?"

there you go.
darlington is 50 miles from newcastle, 40 from sunderland and 20 from middlesborough. WE ARE NOT ALL GEORDIES!
by chris hogg January 13, 2005
someone who helped ruin the british coal industry by crossing the pickets.

generally from nottinghamshire

mansfield town football supporters. scared to come and watch theyre team play darlington fc incase of reprisals
the scabs got theyre houses trashed for crossing the pickets...

(song at a football, or soccer game)

oh mansfield town is full of scabs, its full of scabs scabs and more scabs...
by chris hogg March 21, 2004
beaten in the play offs 4 times in 5 seasons and also attained only theyre 3rd promotion ever. next to rochdale they are the leagues most success deprived team...
darlo got to wembley and hartlepuddle and its toxic wast and smackrat-peadophilic residents didnt...

by chris hogg July 29, 2004
scum coming from the worlds biggest toxic waste dump, and 1 of britains worst towns as voted by the readers of the news of the world.

can also be somebody who supports the football leagues most success deprived team, having never won silverware and finished bottom of the league most times, which is of course hartlepool united.
the good people of darlington can be proud that theyre football team has won the 3rd (and 2nd) division championships before, whereas the monkeyhangers never have.
by chris hogg March 22, 2004
gay house party or similiar. basically a gay orgy. tend to find them in coastal towns of britain, such as brighton, bournemouth, hartlepool and seaburn.
corey and randy went to a mars bar party up the headland in hartlepool. they took sausge up the exit hole all night
by chris hogg July 29, 2004
north east peoples...

geordies, from "neecassal" (newcastle) generally fit birds...

smoggies, from "the boro" (middlesboro) generally pakis...

and mackems who are from "sunnerlun" (sunderland - i had the misfortune of being born there, thank god ive now moved south to safety... darlington!) generally charvas, and cant talk normal no matter how hard they try. also they tend to all have the same daily routine...
Ah get me girer (giro) slip in the perst (post) in the marnin, then ah gan doon the perst affice (post office) un cash it in like. then ah gan do me shoppin at netters (nettos) and gan yam un get pissed on lambruscer (lambrusco)
by chris hogg July 08, 2004