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2 definitions by chipthamac

1. Soles of the feet that were blackened by walking barefoot through Safeway.

2. Term that describes very dirty feet.
Man, I haven't had shoes on all day and I got hella safeway feet.
by chipthamac April 21, 2008
56 8
Person who lacks the mental competency to figure out or even try to understand simple internet Acronyms such as LOL, BRB, or ROFL.

Will often try to make others feel dumb for using acronyms and reply back with messages asking that they be spelled out, due to his/her inadequate mindset.
Billy: "I tripped on my shoe string this morning and busted my face"
Kevin: "LOL"
Billy: "I don't speak nerd what does LOL mean"
Kevin: "..."
Kevin: "Your such an acrotard."
by chipthamac July 02, 2009
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