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A derogatory term for a person of Jewish descent. Arose due to the fact that many Jews have large hook-shaped noses.
I don't trust the new landlord. I think he's a hook.
by Chipspew January 31, 2011
The much thicker pencils often used in the first few years of education (kindergarten to grade 3 or so). They are easier to grasp for youngsters learning to write. However, many niggers use these well into adulthood as they often have trouble properly grasping a regular pencil.
Grade 8 student: teacher, why is Lashaniqua using that big blue pencil? I haven't used that since I was in grade 3.

Teacher: Lashaniqua has been in grade 8 for 3 years now. She is 16. She cannot grasp a regular pencil, as her fine motor skills are quite bad. We call these thick pencils "nigger pencils" because almost every nigger in this school needs them.

Grade 8 student: Could that have something to do with her mother being a crack whore?

Teacher: probably, but most niggers are really stupid and have trouble with many basic functions.
by Chipspew August 30, 2011
A woman who loves sex. She loves it rough, hard and often.
Hey, did you hear about Cynthia? Last night she took on 6 guys all night long. What a hammer queen.
by Chipspew April 14, 2011
a stolen hub cap
Josh: those two niggers are throwing a hub cap back and forth. wtf?

Brent: that's called nigger frisbee
by Chipspew May 14, 2014
100% Nigger. A person of the black persuasion who exhibits a large number of the stereotypical nigger traits; such as lazy, unemployed, dumb, broke, likes fried chicken, etc, etc.
That Tyrone is a Total Nigger.
by Chipspew November 18, 2014
Niggers behaving just as you'd expect them to behave.
Kyle: The power has been out for only 10 minutes and look at all the niggers looting the Dollar Store.

Cody: Niggers gonna nigger.
by Chipspew December 25, 2014

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