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y'all don't know shit on what a hick is.
y'all are describin' a redneck.
I for one am not a hick, but a resident of rural New England I live near many. They tend to live in shity houses as they are poor. Own many guns. drve shity trucks. Shop at Walmart. Wear carharts and tee shirts. They wear in carhart or artic cat jackets in the winter. They also drink lots of cheep bear, such as Bud Light. Many are fat, though some are thin and few are in the middle. I often wonder about why this is. they are diffrent from rednecks as they are from the northern extremes. Rather than liking the heat they seem to enjoy it when its really cold out. Like 30 below. I can rarely understand what they say as they have thick accents, slurring their words together. They use far more tobacco products than the average person. often smoking and chewing together.
"Either burry it or triple bag it and throw it away"
hicks advice for dispossing of a dead, rabid racoon
by china cat sunflower June 25, 2006

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