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literal meaning is one born from a chut which has yet to become a bhosda... can be construed as born of a virgin..
once the chut is fucked and looses its "seal" it becomes a bhosda..
so chutiya is somebody who was born because his father ejaculated into his mother without even fucking her yet..

but chutiya is used as a general word..without much meaning to it unless the tone used to say the word indicates otherwise..
see examples
in increasing intensity of the meaning..

"abe chutiye, kitne din ke baad yaar.. kidhar rehta hai dude"

"kya chutiya movie tha yaar"

"chutiya banaya yaar...sala"

"abe chutiye..dekh ke thuk na...tera baap aake pochega kya?"

"kya be chutiye kya bola be... bhenchod teri to maa chodunga abhi main"

"ey chutiye..madarchod, teri maa ki gand mein mera lund"

u get the picture...
by chicken chilli November 29, 2009
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