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a gluttonous, hypocratic piece of shit. Constantly complains and bad mouths how bad the USA is at handling stuff etc. sicko, yet continues to live in the country he bashes. Actually thinks that we believe everything he says like sheeps.
guy: "hey did you watch michael moore's sicko?, man america sucks when it comes to health care and america sucks in general"

guy #2: "hey dumbshit, you know that the average american makes more money than 95% of the world? Im pretty sure they can cover themselves and not recieve handouts, besides all the people that DO need all those high cost health care are either old people or people with terminal dieases that should of rolled over and died 10 years ago, who the fuck needs them? prolong life for people that have incurable diease? That is money wasted"
by chefwaffles January 09, 2008

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