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anything whorish, such as smoking or anything comparably gross and sleazy.
she's a butt-sucker?!? whorrible! dude, you gotta avoid that nasty bitch like the plague!
by charlesthedick April 08, 2009
something that makes you fart, as opposed to "fattening" being something that makes you fat.
don't eat beans before a date, because they are fartening.
by charlesthedick April 06, 2009
lotion used for wanking.
i go through so damn much jerkens, i wish i had a lady friend i could stick it in instead.
by charlesthedick April 19, 2009
the act, quality, art, or practice of being a complete piece of shit.
josh is such a jerk to everyone, going out of his way to make bad decisions in every way possible (including chronic smoke inhalation, yuck!) and taking every opportunity to screw over everyone, including himself. he must be trying out for his expert turdmanship badge!
by charlesthedick April 04, 2009
an orifice of the body that makes a loud noise. this can refer to the mouth (belching), the anus (farting), or the vagina (queefing).
dude, quit playing those loud tunes out you backdoor boom box!
by charlesthedick May 16, 2009
wednesday, being at the center of the work week. makes an ideal day for humping to break up the tedium of the week. people love to hump, and hump day is the second best part of the week for humping, the best part being the weekend.
i wish i could celebrate hump day accordingly, but i'm stuck with just my hand and a bottle of jerkens.
by charlesthedick April 19, 2009
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