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3 definitions by caveocanis

A person who, in an attempt to be righteous, cannot hold a regular conversation due to his or her undying need to argue the semantics of the second person's speech
(Victoria is the semantophile in the following conversation)

Elie: I can't stand when people argue semantics.

Victoria: But if by "argue" you mean they take a stand against what might be a culturally accepted term for you, then technically you're not looking at their point of view.

Elie: But you're missing the point...

Victoria: If "the point" is open to interpretation then one can never so-called "miss" it.

Elie: Oh god...
by caveocanis March 06, 2009
The extreme emotional let-down experienced when one has high expectations for a meal, and the meal turns out to be bad.
Sally: What's wrong?

Susie: I got a bad case of meal disappointment. I worked through lunch, and was starving after work so I stopped for Chinese food on the way home. It smelled so good in the car, but when I took a bite it was too salty. I was hungry so I ate it anyways, but I can't shake the meal disappointment.

Sally: That sucks.
by caveocanis March 17, 2009
Video game induced stupor developed after playing obsessively for hours on end.
We spent so long trying to beat that level last night that I ended up with pixel delerium. I could hardly focus on the road driving home afterwards.
by caveocanis March 04, 2009