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An ifeminist is a conservative or libertarian woman who believes/behaves as though institutional sexism doesn't exist, despite all evidence to the contrary. They often embrace homophobia, transphobia, and racism, perhaps in an effort to prove to regressives and fauxgressives how nonthreatening they are. They even enjoy bashing heterosexual, cisgendered white women if they don't meet their expectations, because we all know true individuality means doing what other people want at least 90% of the time. Like many other antifeminists, they often lose arguments thanks to Godwin's Law.

The ideas behind ifeminism have actually been around long before the word itself. Although women anti-suffragettes didn't call themselves ifeminists, they espoused the same attitudes and tactics as seen in ifeminists today. Many suffragettes, such as Rosa May Billinghurst and Emily Stowe, turned to the government for help -- they wanted legislators to repeal laws that discriminated against women as well as enacting new ones that would protect women's rights. At the time, women's lack of involvement in politics and the workplace were seen as a natural result of women's soft and gentle natures, not as a failure of laws or societal attitudes towards women, just as inequalities in pay and gov't representation are seen today. The idea that society could be anything less than perfect was met with hostility and ridicule, and suffragettes were stereotyped as militant, mannish, shrieking Lesbians (as it was capitalized in those days). Many women of the era were quite adamant that they did not want to vote and that feminism didn't represent them. Despite all this, many modern-day anti-feminist women take for granted the hard-earned rights to work and vote, just as anti-feminist women in the future will take for granted the rights that feminists fight for today.
"So what if nearly a quarter of American women get raped?" demanded the ifeminist, "My cousin's best friend's sister's boyfriend's high school math teacher got raped too, so it's a completely gender neutral issue! Women who want the freedom to make different choices than me are dirty Nazi man-haters! Can't these dykes just get a man?!" But her voice was drowned out by the sound of a thousand snickering feminists, many of whom had actually read their History texts in high school.
by catsouttathebag September 07, 2009
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