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Women over 30 who fall into two catagories.
1. The overweight anxiety ridden, depressed, psycho bitch who tends to associate with the same. You can spot them at customer service counters complaining and causing unnecessary drama for some negative attention.

2. The MILF or cougar. These women have problems realizing that their time has past, and sadly time has moved forward-leaving them behind. You can spot them trying to pick up younger dudes and spending money on them, and raiding their daughter's closets for outfits that make them look pathetic.
Sue was complaining loudly at the customer service counter that her Hello Kitty waffle iron did not work. I noticed she was a (middle aged woman).

Pam wears very short shirts and dresses like a 19 year old, but her boobs sink faster than the Titanic in that top. I noticed was a middle aged woman.
by casual bystander December 24, 2011
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