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1 definition by carrie renee

an emo girl is not someone who covers half her face with her bangs nd crys 24/7,slits her wrists,or evn says shes emo. a true emo wears whatevr she wants, nd doesnt care what other ppl think about her. she knows how she feels about things she can be happy nd will show it, nd prolly listens to music that doesnt hav "die" "kill" or "sex" as evryother fuckin word. she prolly doesnt like being labeled as anything, espesially not goth. she knows who her friends are, nd she stick with them. she is a true individual that doesnt follow trends.
the girl who doesnt care what u say about her, nd doesnt follow the rules of fashion, that is an emo girl.
by carrie renee August 26, 2006
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