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A young woman of ill-repute whose parted legs are constantly in the company of men. Considered by some to be the junior version of the slapper her dress code is risqué and her mannerisms are ungracefully common. As a result of her ‘laid back’ lifestyle she very rarely is able to hold down a full-time job and relies on government pay outs and funding from then-boyfriends to survive. This financial hardship means she is forced to cut back on luxuries such as soap, although she still manages to afford the ‘necessities’ of booze and cigarettes. On occasion when she does hold down a full-time job she will rarely curb her natural habits and is likely to be very famous among her co-workers for being a slut.

"Scrubber" is probably of British origin, used as a detrogatory term to describe scullery maids or other low-ranking women in domestic service. These were often young women viewed by higher-ranking people as licentious and dirty (particularly their hands). Due to the lack of occupations for women in the 19th and early 20th century women usually were forced to work in service or as prostitutes, and many had dealings with both. The actual term "scrubber" may refer either to her occupation of scouring floors, or to the actual implement used to clean the floor - the scrubbing brush.
My husband has been having an affair with his scrubber secretary.

You're a right scubber!

Look at that girl at the end of the bar; she's a scrubber.
by cardwitch June 30, 2010

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