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Captain Tenneal:
"How many of you think that MXC is just a stupid waste of time just for drunk people in some third world country to laugh at? Show of Hands now!"

( Hex Ten, Moses, Anonymous raises hands)
"Well your wrong! MXC is the best show and its for everyone you stupid bumper-headed baboons (you suck) LETS GO!!
Bumper-headed baboon --- People who dont get it. Not to call any names or anything but thier initials are Hex ten, Moses and anonymous!!!
by Captain Tenneal January 11, 2004
One who would rather hold up an entire group in order to take a picture of a flower.
When the slowest member of a group finally catches up you can ask him...Did you break another crank, or are you just being a lodij?
by Captain Tenneal December 22, 2003
word meaning "someone normal" or "not in special ed" used as an insult to normal students by the special ed kids.
"Look at that mench" (followed by a scoff)
by captain tenneal February 13, 2005

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