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A sexuality used to define people who spend all their life on games and forums.

They cannot be defined as heterosexual or homosexual because they see absolutely no action.

They will typically prefer online friends to real ones due to the lack of emotional pressure and the fact that online people can't see how retarded they look.

Often, they will create online alter-egos. This is, presumably, due to dissatisfaction with their own identities.

The names of these "alter-egos" will normally contain the letter "z".

Their substance of choice is normally some kind of energy drink, so they can stay up late to play with people in other parts of the world.
"gamersexual: One of my buddys holds the MGS speed-run record.

heterosexual: Who is this, again?

gamersexual: ffs faggot, it's the oZzl3tr4In."

"heterosexual: You wanna play some galo or something?

gamersexual: haha, I'm playin teh clanz match. Sloth."

"gamersexual1: They're giving free red bull samples on the website. Its fuckin 1337.

gamersexual2: I don't drink that piss water. I'm on the R3L3NTL355."
by captain lust July 04, 2009
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