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4 definitions by bubblelink47

A steamroller that was made in Illinois.
What did you expect?
Illinois steamrollers are better than normal steamrollers. Or are they? Who gives a fuck?
by bubblelink47 January 24, 2009
76 14
it does not exist. it is lust, people!
when girls say it was love at first sight, it is lust. they didn't fall in love when they first saw him; they just want his fat steamy dick.
by bubblelink47 March 31, 2009
135 93
a word used to describe a black man who has lost touch or interest in his race's traditional subculture and "acts white."

literally, "a honkey covered in chocolate."

see oreo
Lance is such a chocohonkey; what stereotypical black man enjoys partaking in activities such as speech and debate?
by bubblelink47 December 22, 2008
29 4
a derogatory term used to describe an African-American. It is similar to words such as nigger, porch monkey, coon, etc; comes from the Steinbeck novel Of Mice and Men, in which there is a black farmhand constantly referred to as the "nigger" and the "stable buck."
1. Curley: That damn nigger stable buck
2. Ol' stable buck done gone and stole mah bike.
3. What's up my ni.. I mean, stable bucks?
by bubblelink47 May 16, 2010
16 7