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1 definition by bt3553

englert (in'gl-urt) adj. 1.Morally disgusting and sickly pervertd person. 2. see phedophile 3.Physcopath, one who gains pleasure from humilating others 4. A dickless trisexual(see animal lover) 5. Disgrace to all males 6. One who sucks there own penis 7.(n) A complete basket case with no friends 8.(n) A peson hated by his own family,shameless beyond believe, somone loathed by all human beings. 9. Child molester, one who kidnaps little girls and rapes them 10.(adv) something done to show off your jackassness 11.A phedophile or infant molestor. 12.a place that resembles a gay male club. 13.the hideout of a child molestor. 14.A ducebag 15.A sperm slut 16. One who drinks his own semen. 17. Mr. Englert. 18.(n) Surg. Something used to remove semen or sample semen from a male testicle.19.(v)to rape someone much younger then you. 20.(v)to drink semen.21. A fag without a father. -englertly -englerted.

*(This word is extremely difficult to define it could be used in manner with generally all sickly perverted things or things involving the drinking of male semen.) It can be further emphasized by adding a J or james. ex jamesenglert, jenglert.
That englert man kidnapped several 8 year old girls,molested them,and made them pour his semen into his mouth.
by bt3553 January 09, 2009