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Hard to be taken as music genre but definately an interesting way of making sounds - with everything you can think of - from glass or rubber, to dozens of little devices and modulators.
We were at a Justice Yeldham live last night - quite a nasty noize artist!
by brokoli July 10, 2008
In Bulgarian, it means someone who is very predictable, boring and stupid. Also related to the English word baloon.
Eh, calm down, baler!
by brokoli May 09, 2006
It's a noisy, dirty and sometimes, very funny music. Most of the artists in the genre use samples from famous songs in the media (TV themes, commercials, movie voices etc.). The beats are insanely broken or even can madden you by its repeating blips and clicks like a scratched compact disc.
Oh, stop this breakcore, please! It's awful, and too fast! I don't even understand what you like about it.
by brokoli May 10, 2006

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