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aka bro ho
-wears exclusively dirtbiking or offroading brands
-drinks more than their alcoholic fathers
-smokes more pot than cheech and chong put together
-dates guys with lifted trucks
-thick black eyeliner
-most of their pictures include some variation of a sideways peace sign
-tries to fit in with 'the guys' but in the end is used for sex
-very popular in school and spends 99% of her time on myspace
-very often seen in 661
-use the word 'chill' as an adjective

known for wearing No Fear, So Cal, 187 Inc., Alpinestars, Black Flys, DVD, Electric, Famous, FMF, Hitman, Hoven,
Hustler, Metal Mulisha, MOB INC., Reef, Skin, SPY, SRH, and Tap Out
bro hoe 1: dude, did you go to mike's kegger last night? i was so fucked up

bor hoe 2: nope, me and jon were out fucking in the back of his truck after we went offroading.
by bro hoe chyea right July 12, 2006

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