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An amazing skater. He overcame serious odds after a serious surfing accident and became a pro skateboarder. Famous for such stunts as jumping the Great Wall of China and more recently, bombing the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Famous as a stuntboarder but he does really well in contests too.
Jack: "Hey I hear Bob Burnquist jumped down the Grand Canyon!"
John: "Yeah, I hear Danny Way bombed the Vegas Hard Rock Hotel!"
Jack: "Wicked bro! I'm gonna be a stuntboarder now!"

Unfortunately, Jack turned out to be a trend follower, and eventually had the misfortune of obsessing over Avril Lavigne, and in an attempt to be like her, well let's just say Jack's name is now Jacqueline.
by Branqon June 28, 2006
A small North American mammal native to woodlands and cities.

Also known as a raccoon and distinctive for its grey fur, long bushy tail and masklike markings on his face.
Dammit Jed, the coons are gittin' in our garbage agin!
by branqon April 19, 2006
A six-stringed instrument used largely in rock, jazzand blues music. In some styles it is a backup instrument and in some it is a lead instrument. Many people play guitar. Word may also refer to electric bass, in a casual sense

I don't think you need to know musical theory to play guitar. I play bass and I know my notes for the most part, but I can't read music other than tablature. This does not mean I am bad at the instrument, I can play well and sometimes even by ear. I am still learning and would by no means consider myself amazing.

People who play guitar and shred have great skill, but people who play power chords in bands also have skill in that they can play guitar while jumping around and rocking out, and sometimes singing. People who shred are often just sitting down. in live music, performing may be just as important as skill.

By no means is someone who just sits there and strums on distortion and everybody likes them good at guitar. I was at a party and this guy just hooked a guitar up to an amp, put it in distortion and just strummed without even touching the frets. Everyone loved it. Mind, it was in grade three or four.
I suck at guitar, but I can play bass!
by branqon March 04, 2006
French that's all messed up and in really bad grammar, often because of babelfish.

Can be in any other language, just sounds best saying french.
student: hey, why did i fail my french assignment?
franch teacher: it's all babelfrench! learn to conjugate!
by branqon March 05, 2006
One who skateboards. Does not only apply to punks and people who dress "skater", for instance a lot of gangstas skate too.

Skaters skate for the fun of it, not cause someone tells them too, not cause it's cool, not to look good, not to get the girls (ok sometimes to get the girls, but not as a main purpose).
Person 1: Look at that skater
Person 2: He's not a real skater, he's wearing a hawk shirt.
Person 3 (gangsta): jeah dem posuhs iz ghey. Me n' ma boyz wuz poppin dem bigspins and bombin dem trains G
by branqon June 28, 2006
1. A number, one whole number less than one, reresents none, not nothing. Represented by 0.

2. A skater clothing/skateboard deck company. Very popular.

3. The guy off megaman x.
I have zero sticks in my hand, that doesn't mean i have nothing in my hand.

I just got a zero deck and a shirt!

I don't know how zero doesn't come across as gay with that ponytail, but he pulls it off well.
by branqon April 23, 2006
see definition for deeranus
wow, ken is a huge moosebutt.
by branqon August 08, 2006
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