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A metal band that started in 2002. Sometimes looked down upon due to vocalist Dez Fafara's previous affiliation with nu metal band Coal Chamber, although the two bands have their own unique sounds. Also known for starting large mosh pits, having repeatedly tried to get a Guinness World Record for largest mosh pit and getting rejected every single time.
Guy 1: I think I broke my arm in the mosh pit during the DevilDriver concert.
Guy 2: DevilDriver sucks. Their vocalist used to be part of a lame-ass mallcore band.
Guy 1: Dude, DevilDriver and Coal Chamber don't sound the same at all. F**k off.
by brandpanz February 22, 2010
A subgenre of heavy metal music that is slower and heavier than other genres. It is often ignored by metalheads due to its slow tempos, mainly because those metalheads favor faster metal genres such as thrash metal and death metal. Because of this, doom metal has never actually achieved mainstream popularity, since many metalheads often shy away from doom metal music. For example, when Ministry decided to turn up the heaviness factor after their magnum opus Psalm 69 and released their doom metal-inspired Filth Pig, many of their fans, expecting a faster and heavier record, instantly hated it.
Three metalheads are listening to a Candlemass CD.
Metalhead 1: Fuck this band. They're too slow.
Metalhead 2: (asleep)
Metalhead 3: Sheesh. You guys don't appreciate the heaviness of doom metal at all, do you?
by brandpanz March 07, 2010

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