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4 definitions by braineats

Spell out IHOP, then say 'ness'.
IHOPness. I ate your penis. Uncanny.
by braineats November 03, 2007
a remix which ruins the song that it was supposed to be redoing.
hillary duff's ruinmix of depeche mode's personal jesus.
by braineats October 29, 2008
the female version of castration.
After his girlfriend shaved his head in the middle of the night, he threatened to de-ovarize her.
by braineats December 26, 2007
A hat of originality or coolness.
Carl: I saw this guy wearing a top hat with naked girls around the edges, and I said "Yo, nice tut!"

Jess: Yeah dude, i saw him too!
by braineats June 06, 2009