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Mr Bones smiley. from the South African comedy Mr Bones.
Mr Bones- "Fat one, go down!"
Mr Bones- =|:O
Fat guy- huh?

(fat guy gets blasted by the flying dung from an elephant that was having bowel problems)
by brainchild58217 March 21, 2010
"kooky" smiley of a face winking or wincing with one eye and smiling with a suspiciously peculiar smile. It is used in texting/chat to indicate that the one sending the smiley is feeling: kooky, crazy, mentally/internally conflicted, and is trying to reassure themselves mentally and to sound "convincing" while experiencing a mild form of anxiety and/or doubt about their understanding of what the other person just said. Usually caused by false thinking and/or assumptions.
Person A- ...I'm at a party ;D
Person B- Cool! Whose party is it?
Person A- My friends
Person A- From high school
Person B- Is it a birthday party? 8-D
Person A- Yea!
Person B- *guesses friend's name excitedly*
Person A- Lol no
Person A- You don't know him
Person B- ;} did he go to (insert random high school name here)
Person A- No
Person A- (actual name of high school that (friend who is having a party) went to.)

(Conversation continues)
by brainchild58217 February 09, 2014
the state of being gifted in the area creativity (music, art, writing, acting) due to mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, major depression, unipolar- depression, etc.

many artists with mental illness had skills that were enhanced by their illness. Jimi Hendrix, Sylvia Plath, Vincent Van Gogh, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jim Carey are all examples of people who have creative skill and who all suffered from bipolar disorder and found that through their suffering, they were able to transfer their energy and talent into expressing themselves creatively.
Person 1: Dude, look at that guy play guitar! its like his almost crazy the way he's good!

Person 2: Yeah, that's Nate demostrating his mental skillness. He has bipolar disorder. He goes through a lot mentally and emotionally but all of that makes him stronger and all the more awesome at playing guitar! :)
by brainchild58217 February 25, 2011
smiley meaning your dead/ bored as in lifeless expression on your face. it is enhanced by the X for an eye coz we all know dead ppl have X's for eyes. yup yup.
crzy girl: hey, ummm jimmy.....my boyfriend just dumped me and im really sad. iz it coz im not hot? do you think im hot? DO YOU?!?!
jimmy: X|
jimmy: chill.
crzy girl: 8(
jimmy: yea, you are. wanna hook up?
crzy girl: 8)))
jimmy: LET'S DO THIS!! lololz


annoying person:dg
annoying person:dsfgdfg
annoying person:dsfgwerg
annoying person:sdgd
annoying person:sdfg
annoying person:dsfg
annoying person:...
annoying person: 8D
annoyed person: X|
by brainchild58217 April 23, 2010
what you sit on when you want to act like a dick, make inappropriate sexual jokes, be a troll, post controversial statuses and generally act like you think you are God while on social networking sites.
people who say these things are sitting on a cyber throne:

"Fuck the gays! who needs them anyway?"
"why the f*** are you going out with HIM??"
"you can derelict my BALLZ, beyotch!"
by brainchild58217 March 26, 2010
Laughing so hard that you snort and then you fart, then laugh again because you farted when you snorted because you laughed.
Person 1: (tells a funny joke)
Person 2: (snaughflatuling)
Person 1 and 2: (cracking up)
by brainchild58217 September 07, 2013

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