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8 definitions by boomboompau

The "F" relates to the cup size, the "Bombs" refers to what fills the cup size. If you are friends with F Bombs then you are damn lucky. Nothing but good times can be expected when hanging out with F Bombs. If you're aiming for the Trifecta Wow Effect, simply add "Double D" and "EZ-E" to the mix.
EZ-E: "Where's F Bombs?"

Double D: "Dude the last time I saw F Bombs she was getting free shots from the bartender"

EZ-E: "She better have enough for all of us"

Double D: "It's F Bombs, you know she will"

EZ-E: "True..."
by boomboompau January 28, 2011
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Yes, bad candy does actually exist. No, it does not refer to weak cocaine or fake acid. Bad Candy is old ass dollar store candy that's been sitting on the shelves so long that Antiques Road Show wants a peice of that fossilized glucose. Usually a very cheap co-worker will bring Bad Candy to work in an attempt to make friends. Epic failure occurs although the Bad Candy does somehow disappear (probably to the yet to be defined "candy whore").
Kim: I need some chocolate or something.

Elizabeth: Purchasing has some candy, try some?

Kim: NO! It's Bad Candy! To open up the wrapper is to unleash the horror!
by boomboompau September 28, 2010
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When you are too lazy to google something yourself. So you text a friend and ask them the question you could have easily googled yourself.
Kelli (texting): "What kind of material was Han Solo frozen in?"

Brigette (replying): "Carbonite, my Google lazy little sister."
by boomboompau August 30, 2012
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A less crude way of saying "eyef**king". Eyeboning is when someone is staring at another someone (usually very attractive) with such an intense manner it is as though they are "boning" them.
Brigette: OMG...that chick was totally eyeboning you!

Shawn: What chick?

Brigette: The one in the short, tight, orange mini-dress.

Shawn: Ain't nothing wrong with that.
by boomboompau April 02, 2010
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Whore + Shorts = Whorts. Usually these shorts enter this world as regular shorty shorts. But once a whore gets her hands (and scissors) on them they are transformed into Whorts. Whorts are not to be confused with "Daisy "Pukes".
Collin: Nice. Bekki is wearing her "Whorts" today.
Monica: Whorts??
Collin: Shorts so short they look like a collar!
by boomboompau November 14, 2011
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To puke.
Iris: OMG...don't look now, here comes that dude.

Synthia: He makes me want to blevis all over my shoes.
by boomboompau March 17, 2011
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To be notorious for being so heinously undesirable that you make others puke just by your sheer presence. Even the mere mention of a person's name who is vomitorious can induce a stong gag reflex.
Ky: Oh gawd, here come's that Aztec looking freak Eric.

Leigh: Ew! He is SO Vomitorious!

Ky: Yeah, he's a real dream for the practicing bulemic. No toothbrush required.
by boomboompau March 12, 2010
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