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1. Macrosoft a fake computer company which is a combination of Mac and Microsoft.

2. A person who can't decide between a Mac or Microsoft.

3. Something people with no computer experience say when they are trying to think of either Mac or Microsoft and get them mixed together.
1. Dave: Hey!!!! Macrosoft just came out with a new product!

Steve: What is it?

Dave: The Vistapod!!!!!!!!!

2. Thomas: Hey, I can't think of which computer to buy Mac or Microsoft.

Fred: Wow your such a Macrosoft.

3. Grandpa: Hey Max you should get off of that Macrosoft and do something active.

Max: Um Grandpa this isn't even a computer, it's a phone.
by bobert883 May 24, 2009
The disease used for an excuse to be racist to African Americans.
Racist: Hey, get over here you dumb n word!
African American: You're such a racist bigot
Racist: Hey I'm not racist I'm just blacktose intolerant.
by bobert883 October 21, 2010
Boom Boom Cow is the version of Boom Boom Cow designed for cattle.
Joe the cow: Hey Fred have you heard Boom Boom Cow yet?

Fred the cow: No, what is it?

Joe the cow: You haven't heard it yet!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok here are some of the lyrics I like. Your so 2000 and now. I'm so 2000 and cow. Gotta get that boom boom boom. That cow boom boom boom. And here's another part. I've got that boom boom cow those chickens blah blah my style. I'm on their necks now.
by bobert883 May 24, 2009

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