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When you're just chillin and someone is with you. Like a co-captain. Much more than just chillin though, like you're really just chillin.
What's going on?
Just co-chillin with Skrilla not given a damn.
by bobbo wilkes April 27, 2004
HEB is a large grocery store chain across Texas and Mexico. If you were to do some grocery shoppin' barefoot, HEB feet is what your feet would look like when you were done. Is used to describe dirty feet in any scenario, but the term is derived from the barefoot grocery shoppin' experience.
Girl: Ew, you got HEB feet.
Guy: Hell yeah! I run with dogs!
by bobbo wilkes April 27, 2004
kids who hang out by the library, usually have lunchboxes of retro cartoons, and play guitars and hackysack
Dude, whats up with those library lunchbox kids dancing in the rain and hugging trees?
by bobbo wilkes April 27, 2004
The goo you pull out of a female's vagina when she has orgasmed by way of fingers.
Also, According to JayZ and Memph Bleek: that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff
Dude, the wierdest thing happened, I was fingering Crystal, right? And I got her off, then it was like I was pulling puddin out with my hand.
by bobbo wilkes April 27, 2004

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